PanAsia Thyroid Clinic

PanAsia Thyroid Clinic

Our specialty clinic for thyroid surgery offers diagnostic work-up and surgical treatment of thyroid disorders. We also perform in keyhole surgery which result in minimal or ever no visible scars.

Our services include:

  • salivary gland problems, including stones and cancer
  • submandibular and parotid surgery
  • thyroglossal cyst
  • neck lymph node swelling
  • diagnosis and treament of benign and cancerous thyroid problems
  • thyroid nodules, multinodular goitre
  • hyperthyroidism, Graves disease
  • fine needle biopsy of thyroid nodules
  • aspiration of thyroid cysts
  • hemithyroidectomy, partial thyroidectomy
  • subtotal and total thyroidectomy
  • neck dissection for thyroid cancer
  • parathyroid adenomas and hyperplasia
  • parathyroid gland surgery
  • minimally invasive parathyroidectomy
  • video assisted parathyroidectomy

thyroidThe thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland found in the front of the neck. It produces the hormone thyroxine, which controls many important metabolic processes in the body.

Problems can occur if nodules develop (as these may be due to cancer), or if it becomes overactive (toxic).

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