PanAsia Colorectal and Piles Clinic

PanAsia Colorectal and Piles Clinic

Our specialty clinic offers expertise in managing the full spectrum of colon, rectum and anal problems, including the use of the latest minimally invasive techniques for keyhole laparoscopic colorectal surgery.

Common anal conditions like hemorrhoids (piles), anal fistula, anal fissure afflict a large number of people. Thankfully, there have been many advances in the medical science so that treatment is not only safe but much more comfortable for patients suffering from these conditions. We offer expert assessment and the latest options to cure your condition and minimize the postoperative pain.

Colorectal Cancer has become the most common cancer in Singapore and the Health Promotion Board has recommended routine screening of asymptomatic individuals from the age of 50. Many symptoms of Colorectal Cancer – such as constipation, diarrhea, bleeding in the stool, abdominal discomfort or bloating – overlap with other conditions, so people fail to recognize the danger or give them the attention they deserve. Blood tests like CEA and testing the feces for traces of blood can detect some of the cases of cancer but are inaccurate and may provide a false sense of security.

Colonoscopy is the best screening test for Colorectal Cancer, as is not only safe and accurate, but also allows us to remove polyps and prevent the development of cancer. One advantage is that most of the cost of colonoscopy test is claimable from your Medisave account. Please contact us for an appointment today.

We also provide expert surgical treatment for Colorectal Cancer including Total Mesorectal Excision and Sphincter Saving Surgery for rectal cancer and the also the option for Laparoscopic (Minimally Invasive) Surgery to ensure you experience little pain and a quick recovery. Dr Cheong has also had extensive experience treating complicated problems of recurrent colorectal cancer, bulky pelvic tumors and tumor invading adjacent organs like the bladder or uterus.

  • piles (haemorrhoids)
  • perianal abscess, fistulas and fissures
  • perianal itch and pain
  • diverticular disease
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • irritable bowel syndrome, functional bowel disorders
  • constipation and anal incontinence
  • rectal prolapse
  • colonoscopy for colorectal polyp and cancer screening
  • surgery for colorectal cancer, colectomy, anterior resection, total mesorectal excision
  • minimally invasive and laparoscopic colorectal surgery

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Laparoscopic AR

Laparoscopic Right Colon Resection for Cancer – 3 Port Technique

Longo Stapler Haemorrhoidopexy before and after

- PanAsia Colorectal and Piles Clinic - PanAsia Surgery, Singapore July 2022- PanAsia Colorectal and Piles Clinic - PanAsia Surgery, Singapore July 2022


Piles, or haemorrhoids, are enlargement and distal displacement of the anal cushion. This is the elastic and vascular tissue found just inside the anal canal and lower rectum. Piles can present with swelling, discomfort and bleeding.

We offer the full range of specialist surgeries and clinic procedures for piles surgery & treatment, including:

  • injection sclerotherapy
  • rubber band ligation
  • conventional excisional haemorrhoidectomy
Longo Stapler Haemorrhoidopexy

Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dearterialization

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