Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotic Surgery

Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotic Surgery

We are firm believers in the benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Singapore. Keyhole incisions heal faster and with less pain than a longer incision used in conventional open surgery. There is also a quicker return of bowel function, earlier mobilization and less risk of bowel adhesions in the future. Keyhole incisions also heal with much smaller and more cosmetically appealing scars.

Our surgeons work in teams, combining their skills in the various disciplines to provide complete keyhole solutions to almost any surgical condition, including traditionally difficult to access organs such as the pancreas, esophagus and thyroid gland. In addition to the standard laparoscopic surgery, we also use special techniques such as needle-scopic (pinhole) surgery. hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery, transgastric intraluminal endolaparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery and Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery.

Our operating suite is equipped with the da Vinci four-arm surgical robot. This approach offers added precision and dexterity with certain complex operations such as keyhole prostatectomy for prostate cancer.

This latest technique uses a single keyhole incision deep in the umbilicus. The entire laparoscopic operation is carried out in this single incision with the help of a multi-channel device and articulating instruments. The incision heals without a trace, resulting in a cosmetically appealing scarless outcome.


Minimally Invasive Surgery in Singapore or Laparoscopic Surgery is a keyhole technique where only small incisions are used to perform complex abdominal or thoracic operations. Telescopes provide a magnified view on video monitors and long, fine instruments are used to hold, cut, burn, sew and staple.

The resulting scars are small (3 mm to 10 mm) and, in the case of SILS, virtually imperceptible.

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