Post-surgery Recovery Program

Our customised post-surgery recovery program offers you a solution to speed up the healing process after surgery. Find out more details today!

In collaboration with Frunatic, we are excited to introduce the Post-surgery Meal Recovery Program. With this program, you are entitled to:

  • 2 Health Screenings
  • Weekly Consultant and Guidance with a Dietician
  • Delivery of 4 Customised Therapeutic Wellness Meals

On top of that, PanAsia Surgery clients can enjoy additional perks of:

  • A bottle of Homebrew Enzyme

We all know that some super foods and supplements are good for healing but what should we eat after an operation? With this recovery program, you can experience a hassle-free post-surgery healing process for yourself or your loved one. In order to strive for a balance between food tastiness and nutrients, our meals are prepared in strict scrutiny without compromising the quality.

The benefits of consuming the right healing food after surgery include:

  1. Accelerating the overall healing process after an operation.
  2. Boosting the body’s nutritional status.
  3. Regulating blood sugar levels to prevent post-surgery infection and poor wound healing.
  4. Preventing constipation with high-fiber food.
  5. Boosting and improving muscle recovery.

For more information: Mobile: +65 91169928

Post-surgery Meal Recovery Program