Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment in Singapore

What is prostate cancer?

The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. It makes semen that carries sperm. The walnut size gland is located beneath the bladder and surrounds the upper part of the urethra which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder.

Prostate cancer is usually a very slow growing cancer, often causing no symptoms until it is in an advanced stage. Most men with prostate cancer die of other causes, and many never know that they have the disease. But once prostate cancer begins to grow quickly or spreads outside the prostate, it is dangerous.

Prostate Cancer treatment Singapore

Warning signs and symptoms

Most patients with prostate cancer have no symptoms.

For some man they may have

Symptoms are not always present in the early stages.
Prostate Cancer treatment Singapore

Test & Diagnoses


In a Digital Rectal Exam (DRE), your doctor will feel the size and shape of the prostate by inserting a gloved and lubricated finger into the rectum. The area where most prostate cancers are found can be felt during this test.


There is no single cause of prostate cancer. However, some factors make developing prostate cancer more likely.
The PSA test is a blood test, taken from the arm, which measures the amount of PSA protein in the blood.


The chance of getting prostate cancer rises quickly after a man reaches age 50. Age is the most important risk factor for prostate cancer.


Prostate cancer is more common in men in Africa or Caribbean descent and less common in men of Asian.


The risk of prostate cancer increases if close family members have had the disease.


Men who eat a low-fiber, high-fat diet have a higher rate of prostate cancer. Research suggests that saturated increases the production of hormone testosterone, which may help prostate cancer cells grow.


Having a high Body Mass Index (BMI) may increase the risk of prostate cancer. Consuming lycopene (found in tomato products), soy, green tea and cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli), among other foods, may help to prevent prostate cancer.

Hear from Our Patients

"I went for a colonoscopy, gastroscopy, and hemorrhoidectomy procedure with Dr Melvin Look. It was nerve wrecking for me to go under general anesthesia (GA) but Dr Look eased my fears with his calm and confident demeanour along with his funny disposition. Had a smooth and successful procedure with attentive pre- and post-op care from Dr Look who has been very patient with all my questions before and after the surgery!"

Melody Chong, 45 Patient

I met Dr Sam Peh in 2018 when I was admitted to parkway east hospital for acute unrinary retention . Subsequently in the same year I had TURP procedure .Some tissues from TURP was found to be cancerous . We just monitor the situation on 6 monthly psa reading In 2020 the psa reading spiked and am MRI scan shows 2 lesions in the prostate Dr. Peh give me the option to burn the 2 lesions using the HIFU technology. I’m glad to use HIFU as the downtime was like only a day. Dr Peh always explain the procedures to me using simple layman’s language and with drawings as illustrations. I feel safe and confident with Dr Peh as my urologist.

Philip Whang Patient

I was worried about my constant bloatedness , nauseous & poor appetite in eating . I was not eating well at all for 4 months. I decided to seek help from Dr Melvin Look and was scheduled very quickly for a scope - to give me a peace of mind. Nursing team was also assuring and patient with me when I had questions on insurance & costing . I was very well advised at every step of the way! Thank you Dr Look and to the nurses who attended to me at pan asia!

Melissa lim Patient