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- When Should You See a Urologist: Symptoms You Should Never Ignore - PanAsia Surgery, Singapore October 2021

When Should You See a Urologist: Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

In this video, Dr Chong Kian Tai (PanAsia Surgery Consultant Urologist) share about 5 symptoms that may signal you to consult a urologist as soon as possible. Watch the video to find out more information.

Hello, I’m Dr. Chong Kian Tai. I’m a urologist working in PanAsia Surgery.

When should you see a Urologist?

As a urologist, I see patients who are both male and female, this is because both men and women have kidneys, bladder and urine tract issues. There are a few reasons why patients come to see us as urologists.

1. Blood in urine (stones or infection or cancer)

The first one is when there is blood in the urine and we must make sure it is not because of urinary stones, like kidney stones, urine tract infections or even cancer which can cause blood in the urine.

2. Back pain (stones or infection or cancer)

The second reason why patients come to us is because they have persistent back pain that doesn’t resolve with a normal medication or even exercises or stretching. As a urologist, I must make sure this is not due to urinary stones, urine tract infection or even cancer of the kidney. Because this can sometimes cause persistent back pain that does not resolve.

3. Lumps in testes or penis (infections or cancer)

The third reason why patients sometimes come to us is because of finding lumps in the testes or penis. Usually lumps that are in the private part of the male are not cancerous or dangerous. However, some of it may be due to cancer of the private part, or it can be infection of the testicles or penis. So it is important to see a urologist when you are not so sure.

4. Frequent urination (infection, or overactive bladder or enlarged prostate)

Another reason why patients come to us is because of frequent urination. The patients tend to go more frequently to the toilet both in the daytime or even waking up at night, just to go to the bathroom. This could be because of urine tract infections; but there are other reasons, for example an overactive bladder that causes this problem, or in a man, sometimes it is because of an enlarged prostate causing blockage to the urine flow. Please do see a doctor if you find that there is frequent urination.

5. Repeated urine infection (stones or cancer)

Another reason why patient see urologist it is because of repeated urine infection that does not resolve even with lots of antibiotics. This could be because of urine stones and sometimes bladder cancer can also cause the same symptoms. Please see a urologist if you are not sure of the diagnosis.

As a urologist, I see patients who are teenagers, even up to as old as 90 years old. The younger patients usually have infections or sometimes even testicular cancer causes the most common male cancer in a young man. For older patients, I see patients who have more prostate enlargement, urine leakage and also urinary stones. Please see a urologist if you have any urinary issues or questions to us.

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