New and Latest Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Procedure for Faster Recovery and Fewer Side Effects

- New and Latest Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Procedure for Faster Recovery and Fewer Side Effects - PanAsia Surgery, Singapore May 2022

New and Latest Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Procedure for Faster Recovery and Fewer Side Effects

Find out more from the Expert, Dr Melvin Look as he speaks to Epoch Times

Hemorrhoid energy therapy shown to shrink piles effectively with reduced recurrence.


Hemorrhoids, or what we commonly call “piles”, are swellings of the vascular cushion that is found in the lower rectum and anal canal. This issue helps us control the regular passage of stool and maintains bowel continence. Constipation, straining due to hard stools, or simply sitting on the toilet bowel for excessively long periods, may lead to engorgement of the veins in the hemorrhoids, and this can in turn cause painful swelling and bleeding. Hemorrhoids usually start internally, but as they increase in size they can protrude and prolapse out during bowel movement.
Small hemorrhoids that are only occasional symptomatic can be treated with medication and an increase in intake of water and dietary fibre. On the other extreme, large ones which are external most or all of the time may require removal by surgical excision or stapling.


Non-surgical options can be considered for intermediate-sized hemorrhoids that are mainly internal but are causing troublesome bleeding. For many years, we have been using injection of shrinking medications (sclerosants) directly into the hemorrhoids, or cutting off (ligation) of the blood supply to the hemorrhoids with small rubber bands. These procedures are simple and easy to do, but the outcomes can be variable as we can only inject or ligate a few positions at any one time. Recurrence rates are high and some patients require multiple treatment sessions.


A new minimally invasive option to this has recently been developed. Hemorrhoid energy therapy (HET) offers a gentle and efficient treatment of multiple hemorrhoids within a few minutes in a single outpatient session.


HET is a proprietary technology that uses a bi-polar energy device to deliver a temperature-controlled dose of low-power energy to the blood vessels feeding the hemorrhoids. The energy application is repeated in a ring above the pain-line located in the anal canal, and the entire procedure can be done with minimal discomfort. A small dose intravenous sedation is usually given before the procedure, as we frequently combine the with a colonoscopy to evaluate the large bowel.


Although HET is a relatively new modality in the treatment of piles, the early results are promising. Most of our patients report complete resolution or improvement in symptoms within a few weeks of the procedure, and other studies show durability of these results as well. There are no major side-effects of HET, with only a minority of patients having mild or brief discomfort for the first few days. There is no downtime and patients can go back to work and normal activities the very next day.

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Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Procedure
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