Movember Special, Prostate Checkups & Treatments.

prostate cancer - Movember Special, Prostate Checkups & Treatments. - PanAsia Surgery, Singapore May 2022

Movember Special, Prostate Checkups & Treatments

Interviewed by Glen from Radio One FM, Dr. Sam Peh discussed about Prostate Checkups on Movember Specials.



On-Air Interview Transcripts:
Glen: This is a Movember special here on One FM 91.3. And of course, during Movember, we encourage men to get themselves checked. And we have this morning Dr. Sam Peh, Urologist at the PanAsia Surgery. Good morning to you Dr. Peh.


Dr. Sam Peh: Good morning Glen.


Glen: All right, now we’ve got some questions for you because prostate cancer is currently the third most common cancer among Singaporean men with over 3,694 men being diagnosed with prostate cancer. This between 2010 and 2014. So what are the signs and symptoms of a prostate cancer?


Dr. Sam Peh: Quite often prostate cancer has no symptoms; especially when you have picked up early; if you go for a prostate screening which involves doing a PSA tests. But if you already have symptoms that is related to the prostate for example blood in the urine, difficulty passing your urine, waking up at night then you need to have a PSA done.


Glen: So what are the options when it comes to these tests like you just mentioned PSA, that’s the Prostate Specific Antigen Test?


Dr. Sam Peh: That’s right.


Glen: Yes, right. Are there any other tests?


Dr. Sam Peh: There are many other tests includes a simple thing like a digital rectal examination. Ultrasound, we called it as transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) where you can direct them and have an image of the prostate, or you can have an M.R.I. of the prostate.


Glen: So what are the treatment options then? Once it is determined that someone has the problem.


Dr. Sam Peh: OK, if you look at it in general, the treatment of prostate cancer can range from watchful waiting, means not doing anything and just monitoring. If you can determine that a cancer is confined to the prostate as and has not spread elsewhere, you can offer patients surgery or radiotherapy.


Glen: All that sounds very expensive. I think maybe for the people who can afford it; that’s fine but what about people who may not be able to afford the treatment.


Dr. Sam Peh: I think the cost of medical therapy is not unique to the treatment of prostate in Singapore. I mean everything is expensive. Yes, I agree with you. For example, if you do a robotic radical prostatectomy that means removal of all of the prostates completely using the robotic technique in the private sector, it will cost the patient maybe fifty thousand dollars all in. So it is really very expensive.


Glen: Alright well thank you very much Dr Sam Peh. We’ll come back in just a while and speak to the C.E.O. of Parkway East Hospital because I hear that in support of Movember and as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts at hospital and there is something for the lower income group.


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