Minimally-invasive breast biopsy (core biopsy and vacuum-assisted breast biopsy)

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A breast biopsy is a procedure that removes some breast tissue from a target area so that it can be checked in a lab to see what the cause of the abnormality is—whether it is a benign disease or if there is a presence of abnormal cells and cancer.

Commonly, breast biopsies are performed to diagnose various abnormalities that can present with or without symptoms.  These include evaluations of: 

-palpable lumps  

-lumps that cannot be felt

-bloody nipple discharge

-microcalcifications or distortions seen on a mammogram

There are several breast biopsy techniques:

Open (surgical) breast biopsy refers to the surgery to remove an area of breast tissue in an operating room.  Overall, the incision is generally longer than the minimally-invasive technique and removes larger amount of breast tissue.

Minimally-invasive breast biopsies include core biopsy and vacuum-assisted breast biopsy (VABB).  These are performed with the use of a specialized needle that is inserted into the breast under real-time imaging guidance after the area is numbed with local anesthetic.  

The biopsy is performed precisely at the target area of abnormality through a small (5 mm or less) incision.  Depending on the abnormality, VABB may also be used to remove certain breast lump completely.  Patients may also choose to have sedation during the procedure.

Hear from Our Patients

"I went for a colonoscopy, gastroscopy, and hemorrhoidectomy procedure with Dr Melvin Look. It was nerve wrecking for me to go under general anesthesia (GA) but Dr Look eased my fears with his calm and confident demeanour along with his funny disposition. Had a smooth and successful procedure with attentive pre- and post-op care from Dr Look who has been very patient with all my questions before and after the surgery!"

Melody Chong, 45 Patient

I met Dr Sam Peh in 2018 when I was admitted to parkway east hospital for acute unrinary retention . Subsequently in the same year I had TURP procedure .Some tissues from TURP was found to be cancerous . We just monitor the situation on 6 monthly psa reading In 2020 the psa reading spiked and am MRI scan shows 2 lesions in the prostate Dr. Peh give me the option to burn the 2 lesions using the HIFU technology. I’m glad to use HIFU as the downtime was like only a day. Dr Peh always explain the procedures to me using simple layman’s language and with drawings as illustrations. I feel safe and confident with Dr Peh as my urologist.

Philip Whang Patient

I was worried about my constant bloatedness , nauseous & poor appetite in eating . I was not eating well at all for 4 months. I decided to seek help from Dr Melvin Look and was scheduled very quickly for a scope - to give me a peace of mind. Nursing team was also assuring and patient with me when I had questions on insurance & costing . I was very well advised at every step of the way! Thank you Dr Look and to the nurses who attended to me at pan asia!

Melissa lim Patient