Direct Access

colonoscopy direct access panasia

We are excited to introduce the launch of Direct Access.You can now manage your appointment and do a Colonoscopy without having to see a Specialists. Just call the clinic of your preferred location and our Clinic Assistants will advice you further. It’s that easy.

Colorectal Cancer is the commonest cancer today. Regular colonoscopy screening allows detection of this cancer at an early, curable stage. We can even prevent the cancer by removing pre-cancerous polyps before they turn malignant. Direct Access Colonoscopy is a convenient on service. You can book your screening directly without the need for a clinic consultation or a referral letter All procedures are performed by our experienced specialists. All medical insurance plans, Medishield and Medisave are accepted.

CONTACT our clinic at your most convenient location.
Select your date and your preferred specialist.

COLLECT your medication for bowel preparation our experienced nurses will guide you through the admission process.

COME on the day of the procedure. Your specialist will meet you and proceed with the colonoscopy examination. You will be given sedation for maximum comfort during the procedure. The result of the procedure will be explained to you when you are awake and you can be discharged whenever you are ready.

PanAsia Direct Access Colonoscopy