Corporate Health Talk

It is our philosophy to provide the best treatment and care options for our patients. However, we also believe that it is our responsibility as corporate citizens to reach out to educate the public and offer help to communities and individuals in terms of achieving and maintaining a state of optimal health.

In fact, our doctors are dedicated to conducting health awareness talks for corporate and civil organisations. With the modern sedentary lifestyle so prevalent in our urban lives, taking care of our health is even more important these days, and prevention is always better than looking for a cure.

By offering Corporate Health Talks, we help to promote a better understanding of the human body, and offer practical medical advice to individuals who need it. These talks can be conducted in the convenience of your office for your staff and/or their family members during lunch break, as part of your company staff wellness programme, or part of your companys annual health check-up event.

Health Corporate Talk at Culinaryon

Because we are conducting these talks as part of our efforts to give back to society, they will be free-of-charge and require no cost from your organisation. Our doctors will be in attendance to give the talk and answer any health-related questions. We can also offer other forms of assistance such as wellness workshops and seminars, if necessary.

Our initiatives available include:

  • Free health talks
  • Corporate wellness workshops
  • Health and wellness seminars and workshops

Over the years, a notable number of corporate and civil organisations in Singapore have benefited from our educational health talks and workshops. Do contact us for further discussion on how we might be able to assist you.